EnneaEssentials Course Content

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12 Classes Covering:

An Introduction to the Enneagram

Why the Enneagram?

Guidelines for Compassionate Use

The Enneagram & Faith

Overview of the 9 Types

Wings, Arrows & Centers of Intelligence

Wings- The numbers on either side of our dominant type that help shape the way we think, feel & show up in the world.

Arrows- Resource points that help us identify red flags & areas for growth. 

Centers of Intelligence- Head, Heart & Body Centers which influence the way our type understands & interacts with the world.

Subtypes, Stances & Levels of Development

Levels of Development are a tool that helps us assess where we are & where we want to be in our particular type’s journey.

Stances identify how we instinctively respond in challenging situations, conflict & many other scenarios.

Subtypes (also referred to as instincts) are arguably one of the most significant & under-utilized aspects of the enneagram; understanding them well can be the key to discovering your dominant type!

Understanding the Type 8

Understanding the Type 9

Understanding the Type 1

Understanding the Type 2

Understanding the Type 3

Understanding the Type 4

Understanding the Type 5

Understanding the Type 6

Understanding the Type 7

Bonus Wrap-Up: Now what do I do with what I know?

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